Starting a New Google Workspace for New Website Domain

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  • Type and hit enter
  • Then create new workspace
  • Add new email you want created and password
  • You will then be prompted to activate gmail with website host
  • Pop up window will appear it will take approximately 4 minutes to activate 
  • Once activated, window will close and you will need to log into gmail 
  • Once logged into your gmail account you will receive an email from Google saying thank you for activating your account, at this point email is ready to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t like my VA?

We can source another one and fire the other. This would trigger another set up fee of $199.

Why is there a $100 per hour fee for delegation set up?

This is not required. Owners/leaders of companies are free to set up new delegations at no cost. At Confidere, we set up a step by step repeatable work flow for companies within Asana to organize the delegation process.

Why is there a $199 set up fee?

The set up fee covers us for the time and energy required from our staff to source a VA for your company.

It says Cost + 20%. What does that mean?

Virtual Assistant’s  vary in costs. They can be anywhere from $5 an hour to $15 an hour. When we source your VA and select them, we will then let you know the cost of them. If you don’t want to move forward, you are not required. We can find another VA for you. This is why we need to charge an onboarding fee. A lot of time and energy goes into this part of the process. The additional 20% covers us for ongoing management of the Virtual Assistant.

What is the $99 a month?

The $99 a month is a membership fee that helps us cover our platform costs and basic overhead of running a company. We tried to make this as affordable as possible.

Will my credit card be kept on file?


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