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Benjamin Haberman's entrepreneurial journey is marked by his early exposure to the world of business, his education, and his relentless drive to start and grow various ventures. Here's a summary of his journey:
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Early Exposure to Entrepreneurship

Benjamin's father owning and managing Haberman Landscaping gave him a firsthand look into entrepreneurship. This experience likely instilled in him a strong entrepreneurial spirit from a young age.

Work Ethic Development

At just 12 years old, Benjamin began working as a dishwasher at a local country club. This early job taught him the value of trading time for money and instilled in him a strong work ethic.


Benjamin initially attended Philadelphia University but later transferred to the University of Tampa, where he graduated in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in Business Management. His education would provide him with valuable skills and knowledge for his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Starting His Own Landscaping Business

After completing his education, Benjamin returned to his hometown and initially worked with his father in the family landscaping business. However, their working relationship wasn't smooth, leading him to start his own landscaping business, With the support of his father, he successfully grew this business into a recurring revenue home services company.

Serial Entrepreneurship

Benjamin's entrepreneurial spirit didn't stop with one business. He embarked on various ventures, including a cleaning company (Clean), a driving service (I'll Drive), a sports apparel brand, a mortgage company, a real estate brokerage, a cabinet company, and a fast-casual food concept (Gail's Salad Company). While not all of these ventures may have been huge successes, they provided valuable learning experiences.

Diversified Investments

Benjamin expanded his entrepreneurial pursuits by investing in professional sports teams such as,, and angel investing in companies like and He sees each investment as an opportunity to learn and grow, emphasizing the importance of meeting new people and gaining insights from their experiences.

Continuous Learning and Networking

Benjamin's advice to entrepreneurs is to step out of their comfort zones and constantly seek opportunities to learn from others. He emphasizes that entrepreneurship is a continuous learning journey.
In essence, Benjamin Haberman's entrepreneurial journey is characterized by a strong work ethic, a diverse range of business ventures, and a commitment to learning and personal growth. His experiences highlight the ups and downs that come with entrepreneurship, demonstrating that failures can be valuable stepping stones on the path to success.

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