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Your backend leadership team

Stop wearing all the hats in your business. Build your business with a team who covers every critical pillar of of small business and brings expertise to each role of the company, allowing you to focus on your strengths and grow your business more effectively.


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Your backend end office

Everything you need to grow your business into an asset that someone else wants to buy one day. From launch to management, we cover your Blueprint, Sales/Marketing, Operations, and Financials
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Business Launch

It doesnt matter if you are a brand new business or have been in business for 20 years. It’s time to LAUNCH. Our business launch program brings you from defining your vision to launching your vision on launch day.

Blue Print

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Business Management

 Data doesn’t lie. After launch, we track. Weekly, Quarterly, and annual meetings give your business the energy it needs to hold not only you accountable, but your company as a whole. With the proper infrastructure in place and team to help manage it, it’s time for growth.
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Key Performance indicators

Weekly tracking is key to keep your team accountable and on track to meet the goals established.



Most small businesses do not have the time to keep up with their book keeping. Proper book keeping is key to tracking financial KPI’s. 



Your company needs to get its name out there. Advertising strategy and results tracking is key.


Human Resources

Our team brings streamlined solutions to keep up on what you don't want to keep up on. HR is just one more thing your company needs to do. We bring automation to your small businesses HR.



If your website doesn’t have a solid SEO foundation, your site is hustling backwards. Our team of SEO experts will help get your company back on track.



What’s the next move for growth? Our Quarterly/Annual meetings with your small business will bring life to the company. It takes a team to win the championship. You can not do it on your own.

Confidere + Technology
= Automation

We will automate your backend bookkeeping, utilizing the best tools out there such as Quickbooks Online and Bill.com. Instead of paying someone a hefty salary to manage your back end financials, we have you covered. Need to get in touch with us? We are available right within your Slack Channel.
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Our Process provided for small businesses

From initial application to the finish line, our process below gives you a visual for how Confidere would help your small business.


Let us review your application to see if your company would be a good fit for us. We won’t waste your time. We would like to study your company and what you have going on.


If your company looks like a win for us, we will send over a pitch for you to review. It will be a clear understanding of how we operate and how we are compensated.

Business Launch

Time to map out the Blue Print and get the ball rolling. Lets win.

Business Management

You can’t just set goals, you have to crush them. In order to crush them, you have to hold people accountable and track them. There are many factors that go into managing the key pillars of the companies. We help you nail down the management.


Remember, you are building an asset that you want someone to buy one day. If you are building a bigger job for yourself with more headaches, no one will ever want to buy it. Business buyers look for not just bottomline cash flow, but they look for infrastructure. Let's build together and exit together. 

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the information we have learned over the past 20 years in small business all in one spot, for you. At no cost.


Confidere is the breath of fresh air for your company.

Ready to make the jump?
Reach out and see if your company meets our criteria