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Your backend end office

Whether it's through our small business consulting service, or our bookkeeping membership program, Confidere is here to automate your small business.

A dedicated financial team, just for you.

We will automate your backend bookkeeping, utilizing the best tools out there such as Quickbooks Online and Bil.com. Instead of paying someone a hefty salary to manage your back end financials, we have you covered. Need to get in touch with us? We are available right within your Slack Channel
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Your dedicated virtual assistant, for your small business.

As a virtual assistant staffing agency, the overseas talent we provide for companies, help them scale and grow. Not only will we staff a virtual assistant within your company, but we will provide examples for you on how they can help operate more seamlessly within their day to day operations. A small business has a lot of moving parts and a virtual assistant’s services will help streamline the internal operations.
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Lead generation

Scrape a list of contacts, send DMs on Twitter, or reach out via cold e-mail. Regardless of the amount of lead generation required, your new hire can generate more leads for your company.


Calendar management

Calendar management is the process of planning and scheduling meetings, accepting meeting invitations, resolving conflicts, and using your calendar to optimize time management with the ultimate goal of making the best use of our most valuable resource: time.


Get reviews

 Unlike most businesses that fail to consistently generate new online reviews, clients who utilize our virtual assistants set up a process to acquire Google reviews weekly.


Customer service

Do you require a teammate who speaks perfect English and can communicate with customers? You might be surprised to learn that we've placed dozens of customer service representatives with US-based companies that are overjoyed with their new hire.


Social Media Management

Creating and disseminating content is beneficial to business, but who has the time? An overseas social media manager can assist you in creating, managing, and distributing your company's content.


Data management

Every company has a wealth of information. Customer information, media, analytical data, sales forecasts, employee information, standard operating procedures, and so on. Your new teammate is capable of handling it.


Insurance management

Managing insurances, insurance audits and shopping for insurances can be very tedious. Our virtual assistants have worked with different companies insurances for years.


Tenant management

For rental properties a virtual assistant can be a key asset

Our other services provided for small businesses

Business consulting

To streamline collaboration and communication, our business consulting services via slack will ensure your company identifies any problems, and implements solutions. Confidere will automate your business. 

Our web development team will ensure your website not only looks/works the best but we will ensure the company serves as your companies blueprint to what you do.

Web Development

Branding development

Having experience in many different start ups, Confideres creative team will make sure your brand sets your company apart from the competition.

Utilizing Slack for effective communication and collaboration you can be rest assured that your companies books are in good hands.



the information we have learned over the past 20 years in small business all in one spot, for you. At no cost.


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